Five Reasons to Choose a Vintage Carpet

Written by Farhad Langaroodi

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July 17, 2019

Vintage Carpets are the Best

Whether you’ve bought a new home that you’re trying to refurnish or are simply ready to make some changes in your house, decorating is an exciting and fulfilling experience. When it comes to adding a rug to your home, we believe that vintage carpets are far superior to any others on the market. Keep reading to discover the top five reasons that a vintage carpet will make the best addition to your home!

1. Ability to Display Greater Color Patterns

Typically, modern carpets offer little in the way of style or variety, with most color schemes looking almost identical. When it comes to hand-woven antique carpets, things are certainly unique. Antique carpets were often designed in countries throughout the Middle East where colors are appreciated and embraced. The wool that was used in these carpets was naturally dyed with a wide variety of different berries and plants, presenting color patterns that are stunning and one-of-a-kind in contrast to the typical dyes processed in factories.



Vintage Carpets Add Color by Nazmiyal

2. Inviting Texture that Withstands Daily Life

When you purchase a modern carpet, you can expect that it will be made from wool or other materials that will soon shed and start to show signs of wear. In contrast, a vintage carpet is made from high-quality wool that will withstand harsh daily life and provides an inviting softness. When you walk across a carpet in your bare feet, you will certainly be able to tell a difference between vintage and modern rugs. Vintage carpets are not only soft but also provide more warmth, making them an excellent choice for chilly mornings or areas with cold winter weather.

3. A Lush History

Whereas modern rugs generally have no more of a story than being processed in a factory, a vintage carpet comes with its own history. Since these rugs were typically passed down throughout the years, it is interesting to discover who owned the rugs in the past and then investigate the lifestyle of those people. Some vintage rugs showcase certain symbols such as dragons, flowers, and bats to provide owners with a story right on their living room floor. These rugs can easily provide more lush history than a book could ever hope to introduce.



Persian Rug by Nazmiyal

4. Large-Size Rugs Available to Accommodate All Homes

It can be difficult to find rugs and carpets big enough to fill a larger sized room, and most modern carpets would need to be specially made to fit. Vintage rugs may actually make better financial sense since they already come in larger sizes. You can purchase a vintage carpet that will fill your grand room with history and a sense of unique style.

5. Hand Selected for Your Room

Purchasing the rug that will be right for your home can be a challenge; however, vintage rugs provide the perfect solution. Rug specialists can help you by hand picking a rug that will fit directly into your area and meet your specific decorating goals. When you purchase from a vintage carpet distributor, they will match you with a rug that is well-preserved, the right size for your area, the right texture for the room, and the perfect design for your decorating sense.



Don’t Settle

When you’re decorating your home, you don’t have to settle for modern rugs and carpets that do little to provide character or charm; instead, you can opt for vintage rugs. Vintage carpets are many years old, however, they show little wear or tear due to their durable fabric and the care that was put into their creation. When you purchase a vintage carpet, you are allowing your home to be the center piece for a carpet that was made with care and designed with a purpose.

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