Rug Arrangement: A Creative Process

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Written by Farhad Langaroodi

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July 17, 2019

Ten Creative Ways to Arrange Rugs

The most beautiful interiors have something in common: thoughtful rug arrangement. Rugs are quintessential in design. They can be layered, used to designate one space from the next, and most importantly give appropriate ambiance to each room. Traditionally admired in living rooms, fabulous home rugs are best arranged throughout the home for maximum style and functionality.

1. Step Outside the Ordinary

Homeowners are used to selecting and arranging rugs based on functionality. A rug gives warmth and definition to a space, but they are also intended for layering and bringing in a pop of color to neutral spaces. Every home needs balance so that when the occupant enters a room, the eye is drawn to an intended focal point. Rugs are magical.

Rug Placement by Nazmiyal

2. Re-purpose Each Season

Furniture becomes boring after a room has settled in for months-on-end of daily use and leisure. Each season, re-arrange rugs and purchase a new one that coordinates or contrasts existing design to layer around. Rugs can be used as a chair or sofa decoration and create interest in the room.

3. Rugs are High-Quality Fabric

Be it known that rugs are magical for DIY upholstery. Since rugs can be purchased at every budget and in a multitude of colors and patterns, they make a fantastic center of attention. Get creative and up-cycle an old ottoman or chair that’s been hanging around.

4. Elements Every Room Needs

The law of interior design goes something like this: consider texture, pattern, color, light, form, lines, and the overall space. In a bedroom, for example, a thin-weight rug can be displayed elegantly at the foot of a made-bed to create opulence. Moreover, it’s functional because it adds another layer in cooler weather.

Rug Element by Nazmiyal

5. Tapestry Design

Bedrooms are another area that rugs can be displayed as art. Hung on a wall tapestry style, a favorite patterned rug can function as a trendy headboard in place of traditional bulkier constructions.

6. Rugs and Minimalism

While sparsely furnished rooms may be in style, recognize that a single color rug can be hung on vast bare walls to bring beauty and statement into a space.

7. Think Table Runner

A woven rug can easily be used as a table runner or a full tablecloth for many occasions. Decorating isn’t just for the holidays, and oriental rugs are wonderful for elevating bureaus and buffet hutches too.

8. Be Creative

The top creative tip on arranging rugs is to mix up shapes and sizes. Try out a round rug beneath a long rectangle sofa or table. Perhaps set furniture half-on and half-off a large rug in a corner area.

Creative Rug Arrangement by Nazmiyal

9. Size it Up

Many homeowners opt for purchasing a smaller rug because of price, and sometimes because they may desire a specific color or texture. Let taste dictate the purchase. You can always custom order a larger rug when the time is right, and in the meantime, a smaller one will allow more options for arrangement.

10. Exaggerate the Rug’s Presence

Finally, give a rug all the visual impact it can have by using it to harmonize with the other furnishings in the room. In other words, a rug’s design is always maximized by what’s around it.

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