Rug Consignment at Nazmiyal Auctions

Rug Consignment by Nazmiyal Auctions

Written by Farhad Langaroodi

Nazmiyal Auctions | Fine Antique And Rare Carpet and Rug Auction

July 26, 2019

Consigning Rugs for Auction


So you’ve just inherited a whole bunch of rugs and they don’t go with your decor. Or you just got remarried and your partner hates your rug collection.



What do you do?! You call Nazmiyal Auctions!



We’re here to get rid of your unwanted rugs and get you good money for them. At Nazmiyal Auctions, we source rugs from all over the world and from all different types of sellers and rug collectors. We’re always on the lookout for high-quality consignments. Everyone from individuals to businesses to museums use our services to buy a rug. If you have a rug you think would be a good fit for Nazmiyal Auctions, take a look at the outlines below and then send us a message; we’d love to hear from you.



Auction Hammer by Nazmiyal


What We Look For


Nazmiyal Auctions takes vintage and antique rugs on consignment. Before sending us your rug for sale, please take a look at our outline of rugs we’re looking for:



  1. Generally, the older the better. Most of our vintage and antique rugs are 50 years or older.
  2. We’re always on the lookout for unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. This means we don’t take new program pieces.
  3. Our auction customers are looking for vintage and antique rugs, and those are what sell the best.
  4. We encourage you to bring the rug to our New York City showroom if you’re able; just make sure to make an appointment first.
  5. You can also reach out to us for an estimate and have a third party bring the rug to us at your own expense.


Check out our instructional guide on how to roll a rug if you’re shipping it to Nazmiyal Auctions.



If you’re not positive your rug lines up with these preferences, just send us the information following the guidelines below! We’d love to take a look at it and work with you to see if it’s what we’re looking for.



How to Sell to Nazmiyal


If you’ve established that you have a rug you want to sell to Nazmiyal, we have some guidelines you should stick to when sending us the rug info. Please include:



  1. The dimensions of the rug (length and width)
  2. The condition of the rug – How much wear does it have? Does it have any holes, stains, or tears? and other relevant condition information.
  3. Any information you may have regarding provenance of the rug. This can include where it was acquired, who owned the rug before you, etc. Provenance information is crucial when we are deciding whether or not to buy the rug.
  4. Finally, please include at least three pictures of your rug. Show the entire carpet as well as the details. It’s also important to include a close-up picture of the back of the rug.


For larger collections, we can do on-site evaluations, just make sure to send us images and information about the rugs beforehand.



Now that you know the guidelines of selling your rug and what we’re looking for, send us a message at and discuss pricing and other details with our knowledgeable expert staff.



This auction blog was published by Nazmiyal Auctions in NYC.



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